Chemical Stamping, also known as Reel-to-Reel Chemical Etching Process, Reel-to-Reel Photo-Etching Process or Chemical Milling of metal parts is a photo-chemical metal conversion process that creates highly-repeatable unstampable, burr-free components with complex features for intricate metal designs and shapes on a continuous metal strip made from chemical etching stainless steel and a wide variety of ferrous and nonferrous materials.


The Chemical Stamping™ compatible alloys:

- Alloy 42

- Be Cu Alloys

- Brass Alloys

- Copper & Copper Alloys

- Cupro-Nickel

- Furukawa Eftec 64T

- Invar

- Kovar

- Nickel 201

- Nickel Alloys

- Low Expansion Alloys

- Magnetic Permeability Alloys

- Monel

- Phosphor Bronze

- Spring Steel

- Stainless Steel, 300 & 400

- Minimum Feature Size: 1.2x Material Thickness

- Minimum Thickness: 0.0008" (0.0203 mm)

- Tolerance: 10% of Material Thickness

- Maximum Part Width: 12" (300 mm) wide

- Maximum Part Length: 1500' (457 meters) long

- Maximum Thickness: 0.0200" (0.508 mm)


* Chemical Etching Process guidelines may vary by design


Among the many benefits of this reel-to-reel chemical etching process is the ability to hold very close tolerances, and extremely high level of repeatability, and true position from metal part to metal part. The degree of precision and consistency achievable offers a continuous chemically etched metal strip and a mass production advantage alternative to the standard panel or sheet etching process.


One distinguishing capability is the “Flat-Line” process control system which continually monitors over 160 critical points of the chemical etching process in real time and maintains the process conditions within a very narrow band at all times.


Coupled with ultra-precise “Chrome on Glass” photo-mask tooling, this photo chemical etching process is exceptional at sub-micro apertures in high density metal applications.


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