Chemical StampingTM

Reel-to-Reel Precision Etched Thin Metal Parts

Interplex Etch Logic is a division of Interplex,

a world-class business striving to provide

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Our global footprint, technical expertise and vertically integrated manufacturing enable us to solve complex customer problems.
Our unique offerings are based on the combination of design skills in mechanical and high precision engineering and interconnect technology. More than 13,000 Interplex associates work globally across 33 sites and 13 countries.


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Interplex Etch Logic was established following the acquisition of the continuous photo etching division of Texas Instruments, considered by many to be the world's leading reel-to-reel photo etcher. Interplex Etch Logic has developed many new and innovative photo-chemically etched applications for automotive, telecom, connector, filtration and medical components.

The company's proprietary reel-to-reel photo etching technology creates etched precision metal components with very close tolerances and a high level of repeatability and consistency, outperforming competing technologies such as panel etching.

Our inline continuous reel-to-reel photochemical etching process is also known as chemical stamping, photochemical machining, chemical machining or metal etch and is used to create complex, fine featured photo etch parts or thin metal parts. Etched copper or etched stainless steel are most commonly utilized for burr free and stress free thin metal components.

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